Zebra Tube Distortion DP-3

Brand Name: Zebra
Product Code: DP-3
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Brand Name: Zebra
Product Code: DP-3
Combining classic tube overdrive warmth and tonality with the latest advanced EQ and tone control options, the DP-3 is capable of delivering almost any sound. Its rich harmonics, unlimited tonal range and unequalled definition make any amp sound great.
Real tube tone from the classic 12A x 7A twin triode tube – each carefully selected for optimum tonality and adsence of noise, microphonics, and other artifacts that can detract from your sound.
State-of-the-art 3 stage variable tube drive design for widest range of overdrive options, from mild growl and crunch to singing sustain and controlled feedback.
Advanced EQ section carefully designed for all contemporary styles – blues, jazz, country, R&B, and all types of rock – with specially tailored high and mid – low 3 – stage variable shelving and boosting options, plus a variable presence control for the ultimate tone-shaping possibilities.
Compact enough for a pedal board.
Rugged 14-gauge steel housing and heavy-duty bypass footswitch for years of trouble-free performance.



1/4" Jack (unbalanced)

Output Level (max, nominal)

0dBv / -10dBv

Output Impedance

2.4K ohm


1/4" Jack (unbalanced)

Input Level (max, nominal)

30dBv / >+20dBv

Input Impedance

1.6M ohm

Audio Response (controls adjusted)

50Hz-16kHz @ +/-3dB



S/N Ratio


Noise Floor

3.4 micro volts

AC/DC Adapter

95V – 130V

Tube Type

12A x 7A


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