Pressure Cooker Gasket Seal

Brand Name:     Oster || ADH 
Product Code:  


Brand Name:     Oster || ADH
Product Code:  
This type of pressure cooker rubber is a suitable fit for the following brands: 
  • Oster
  • ADH 
  • Genie 
  • Elite Cuisine 


These are the following pressure cooker gasket/ rubber sizes available:

  • 20 CM fits a 4 Liter pressure cooker
  • 24 CM fits a 7 Liter pressure cooker 
  • 26 CM fits a 9 Liter pressure cooker 
Note: All sizes are the same price at $65.00 each 
The size can be seen in the inside seam of the gasket. It is very easy to miss, we recommend you use your thumb or fingers to feel the inside seam of the gasket for the engraving of the number. 




Suitable for

The following pressure cookers ADH, Oster, Genie. Look for the corresponding size for your pressure cooker.


20CM (4 Liter), 24CM (7 Liter), 26CM (9 Liter)


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