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About Flat Screen Televisions

LCD Televisions: Screen images are very bright. LCD’s use less energy than plasma screens. Anti-reflective screens reduce glare in rooms with windows or lights. Screen burn-in from static images is not an issue.  LED Televisions: This is a type of TV which uses LED backlighting to achieve better colour reproduction, slimmer form factor and higher […]

Maintenance of your Refrigerator

Stainless Steel Refrigerators:  Proper maintenance depends on the type of finish unit. Stainless Steel Refrigerators that do not leave fingerprint marks have a Polyester clear coat. Refrigerators or any units with a polyester clear coat should not be cleaned with stainless steel polishes since they will damage the protective clear coat on the item.  Important […]

charging phones and tablet

Can I over charge my mobile phone or tablet?

This is a common misunderstanding with electronics. The total power capacity (wattage, W) or current capacity (amperage, A) cannot damage electronics. The only thing that matters is the voltage provided (5V), which is standard for all USB interfaces. Chargers can simply provide more power (current) if the device draws it, but cannot harm the device […]

Safety Precautions when using a Pressure Cooker

The following are Important Safeguards / Precautions that are recommended by most appliance manufacturers.  Important Safeguards (Safety First (1st):   To reduce the risk of personal injury or property damage, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following:  Always check the exhaust pipe before use. Hold cover up to light and look through […]

How to use a Pressure Cooker

Working Principle  In the process of heating, the cooker is sealed by a rubber ring. The pressure in the pressure cooker increases gradually and water boiling point increases accordingly, when the pressure in the cooker exceeds the specified limit, the pressure limiting valve pushes up. A part of the steam then escapes from the exhaust […]

Troubleshooting your Car Audio Amplifier

Before removing your amplifier, refer to the list below and follow the suggested procedures. Always test the speakers and their wires first.  Amplifier Will NOT Power UP Check for good ground connection. Check that remote DC terminal has at least 7V DC.  Check that there is battery power on the + terminal. Check all FUSES. […]

Car Audio Amplifier PRE Installation Guide

Recommended gauge wire for the different size of fuse that each amplifier carries. Required / recommended power, ground wire and proper external fuse as seen below:  An amplifier that uses a 40 AMP fuse could use 6 Gauge wire.  An amplifier that uses a 60 AMP fuse could use 4 Gauge wire.  An amplifier that […]

Car Audio Amplifier Function/ Installation Guide

Speaker connection – Never connect cables with the chassis ground. This may destroy your amplifier. Check that your speakers are connected correctly which means plus (+) to plus (+) and minus (-) to minus (-). Recommended speaker cable from 2.25mm to up.  BATT+ – Battery + terminal. The +12 Volt power cable must be connected with a […]

How to play a game of Darts ?

Playing the Game of DARTS  Target Bulls-eye DART Game  Each player takes turns throwing three darts and totaling the score. The first player to score 1000 point point is the WINNER. Beginners may decide to play for smaller total scores such as 250 or 500.    General Rules of Darts  After hanging the dart board […]

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Repair Mobile Phone or Tablet devices

Repair your Mobile Phone or Tablet devices.